Forging Fields – Adventure Services


Forging Fields is a tabletop adventure entertainment provider.

For those times when your group is looking for something to do, but there’s nothing really grabbing you, Forging Fields offers something different and exciting. With a little imagination, an entire world of fantasy adventures is waiting at your kitchen table. Experience the intrigue and wonder of tabletop roleplaying with DM Bill and forge your fields today.


Angor: Campaign Setting

Angor is the setting used for all adventures with Forging Fields. It is a dynamic, changing document that describes in full detail the game world we play in.

Player Resources

In this folder, you’ll find some helpful game resources and adventure primers for the different eccentric stories we have to explore.


I’m Bill Dungey – father, crafter and storyteller. I’ve been playing tabletop roleplaying games for over a decade now, spanning Dark Heresy on my own kitchen table to the old days of D&D on MSN Messenger.

I think roleplaying games provide a unique opportunity for people to practice empathy, tell a story and have fun. I host a tri-weekly 5th Edition D&D group in my home and actively engage with the community in gaming events like Heroes for CF.

When I’m the DM, you can count on a story-first play style that focuses on character development and creating unique opportunities for roleplay and combat alike.

If you’ve never played a roleplaying game, I like to think I have a very adaptable, easy-going approach. I believe in ‘Saying Yes‘ to my players – it makes for a more cooperative storytelling experience!

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Forging Fields will run one-shot stories – the entire adventure will play out in one four-hour session, start to finish.

I’m based in Brantford, Ontario. Without additional charges for traveling out of town, my rate to run an adventure on your table is simple:

$25 per player for 4-6 players for a four-hour game. Minimum player age is 12.

If your group is out of town, the travel rate will depend on distance from Brantford, ON. This service operates as an ‘in-person’ tabletop gaming experience. I don’t provide DM services for online games, unfortunately.

Cool, you come to our place and run D&D.

What about character generation?

You are welcome to make your own 5th edition character. Special elements, story-specific alterations and specific character elements will be discussed at time of booking.

I’ll bring a handful of pre-generated characters for people to just pick up and play, as well. For brand new adventurers, I have a slimmed down character sheet that leaves most of the more intricate character rules aside – a perfect introduction to tabletop RPG!

What fantasy world are we playing in?

All of my games run in a home brew (self-made) world called Angor. You will have the option to select a campaign to play through when booking. Details can be found above, in the Downloads section.

What does my character know about the scenario we’re playing in?

Once you book a time to play, you will be sent a link to the ‘player kit’ for your selected campaign.


So, you wanna throw some dice?

Use the contact form below or shoot a quick email to booking@forgingfields.com to start a conversation.